Author Topic: Covert/Less Tactical Looking Ammo Carry  (Read 120 times)

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Covert/Less Tactical Looking Ammo Carry
« on: February 25, 2024, 12:59:00 AM »
Way back when I used to buy vinyl records and record 2 LPs on 90-minute cassette tapes, I bought a lot of TDK SA-90 tapes. Most of the factories that made cassette decks were using TDK SA tapes when they aligned the heads, and I figured if they were good enough for the stereo factories, they were good enough for me. Sometimes when I bought 10-packs of tapes, they came with free cases to carry them around in. I have, or had 2 of these acid washed denim looking ones, and a black nylon one. I took the strap off one and clipped it to the back of the seat on my bike. It was big enough to carry a cable lock and tire wrenches. They're also big enough to carry 24 loaded 5.56mm stripper clips, but it's easier to fit 21 in. And 21 clips is enough to refill your basic combat load of 7 30-round mags, 1 in the gun, and 2 mag pouches full. I think I'll take the top 3 clips out and make it an even 210 rounds, instead of 240. If I need to refill more than 7 mags, 8 mags full probably won't be enough anyway. That should give me room to put a piece of corrugated cardboard in the bottom of the pouch. Since it has no structure to speak of, just a thin layer of foam rubber or padding in it, that seems like a good idea.
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