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US PeaceKeeper Armorer Small Punch Roll
« on: May 20, 2024, 10:43:47 PM »
One thing I recently got from Detroit Ammo Co. was a US PeaceKeeper Armorer Small Punch Roll. And it was long overdue! I previously kept all my punches, nail sets, and small files in a pocket less than 3"x7" at the end of the plastic tray that goes in one of my toolboxes. My other toolbox has a steel tray without any compartments. I got this small tool roll for $6.99 and everything fits in it. As a bonus, the tool roll fits in the same pocket in the tray of my tool box. On the far left is a DOT Durable Setting Punch for DOT Durable Cap 5/16 inch Snaps as used on army field jackets. I don't have a setting die for the fasteners, just a punch. Then I have a set of 4 nail sets, except the 1/32" is a center punch now. I don't remember if I broke it, or rounded it off by using as a punch, or what. I probably broke it since it was so small. The mid-size one that's left is 1/16" and the 2 on either side of it aren't marked. My punches are 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", a 1/16" taper punch, and the center punch that's marked 5/16". 1/16" is just small enough for some of the roll pins on an AR-15. Anytime I need a punch smaller than that, I grind down a nail, like I had to in the army when I didn't have a tool box. Except, back then I had an M60 machine gun recoil spring guide rod that I used for a punch too. You could grind one of those down and break the tip off a bunch of times before you had to throw it away.

In between the punches and nail sets are 6 small files. One of my flat files was missing but I found it on my workbench after I took the pics. I put it in the same space as the knife shaped file in the center, and ignition point file my dad gave me a LONG time ago. It's flat like a piece of sheet metal, and was used back when cars had points and condensers in the ignition system. If you've ever filed the points in a car ignition, you may be an old fart. And you should NEVER use sandpaper or emery cloth because they leave a residue you don't want in there. To the left are a round file and half round file. The round file is a pain in the fingers to use ever since my ex took so much of my stuff and I no longer have the wooden handle that all of the files fit into. The round file is the only one without a handle of any kind, it's just teeth from end to end. On the right are a triangular file and a rectangular file with smooth sides that I bought for filing rear sight notches to widen them. Having safe edges on a file comes in handy when you want to remove material on one side but not the adjoining side. I also bought a Birchwood Casey 6 Piece Gunsmithing File Set with rubber handles, in a plastic box for $8.99. The files in the tool roll will be my backup. It will be nice to know where all my files and punches are now instead of trying to find them buried under other stuff on my bench.
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