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« Reply #10 on: August 16, 2020, 08:05:15 AM »
&#@^%&  It's cancelled.  I was going to get on the bubble and start practicing.  Now I guess it'll have to be for next year.  I think this virus crap is way overblown.  I wish they had gone ahead with the competition.

I was afraid my nephew had planned his wedding for the same weekend.  I sweated it for six weeks.  One day I got the info from him, and they were different weekends, and the next day they posted that the Match was cancelled.  Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

This has been one big lost year.  Real or fake, appropriate of over kill, it doesn't matter.  Everything is strange.  Yesterday I was reading for some classes I am taking, and slowly my mind drifted to current events.  Think about the media, the "experts," politicians, and even the general public.  We have become a pessimistic society.  Everything is doom and gloom.  Every stat is based on the worst.  No positive about the future, only what we will never be able to do ever again.  Why don't we look at all the positives?  A 4% positive result for daily tests is a 96% negative.  Fifty percent more positives today than yesterday is often because of a 75% increase in testing.  Millions are out of work, but no talk of how several of those out of work are making more money on relief than on the job ($15/hr for 40 hrs = $600/week, and they were getting $600/week + their regular unemployment).

Just call me a Drift Specialist, but I have vented.  I will live with a year of no shooting events, but please look to a positive future and strive to achieve it.
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