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Most of them say PMAG right on them, but some left the name off. They're only ripping off Magpul 99% with their product. And someone decided to make a different style. I don't know if they copied an actual magazine design or not. It may look like an AMMEND2 or some other non-PMAG magazine, but I didn't recognize it off hand or try to figure it out. If it's not G.I. or Magpul, I don't know what it is, and I never owned a Magpul magazine.
These are for anyone who can't afford to buy real PMAGs, but wants it to look like they can. There are a bunch of Chinese companies selling these "Mag Assist Magazine Protector Rubber Holster Magazine Rubber Pouch Grip Sleeves" and such. It might help absorb the impact if you drop your mag. One guy said that's why he uses them on his plastic Airsoft mags. If they weren't stealing money out of Magpul's pocket, I'd get one just as a joke... "Hey guys, I finally switched to PMAGs. Psych!" I can imagine the reaction my friends would have when I ejected a G.I. mag wearing a rubber. ;D
The rest.
More pics.
When Brownells came out with their BRN-180, there were a few things I didn't like about it. The main 2 were the lack of an 18.5" barrel and a stock that resembled the AR-180s. Since then Brownells came out with BRN-180 Gen2 upper receiver with an 18.5" barrel, which it looks like they quit making. And Manticore Arms came out with a Trapdoor Stock with Picatinny Hinge.

The Trapdoor Stock is designed with original AR-180 styling and the additional bonus of ample storage space within. Overall length of pull on typical AR-15 style rifles with picatinny mounting is 13.75″, similar to that on the original AR-180 rifle. Hinges are supplied to Manticore Arms by Midwest Industries, made of steel, and weigh 6.9 ounces.  The hinge can be set up to allow the stock to fold left or right.  Hardware and Allen wrenches for installation are included. It costs $179.00 and has a 5-star review.

Brownells is selling their own AR-180 style BRN-180 Folding Stock 1913 Picatinny Mount Polymer Black. It costs $199.99, has 2 3-start reviews and a 4-star review. It looks like kind of cheaply built compared to lower priced Manticore. And the reviews say it fits so loose you need to shim it up to make it fit.
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.
I like the Mandalorian Beskar Steel AR mags on the Mandalorian weapons.
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