Tag: Rossi Revolvers


Rossi’s Best Buy Revolver

Rolled out just before SHOT, Rossi’s 3 new .357/.38 revolvers offer a huge value for the money. The pick of the litter, as it were, is the 3-inch RP63, the gun you definitely need. From the SHOT Show, another surprise — Diamondback’s Self-Defense Revolver, SDR, a revolver that seems destined for success.

Getting Ready for ICORE

Michael starts working with his Ruger competition revolvers in anticipation of the revolver competition season, plus the new Rossi 4-inch .357/.38 on the range!

What Rattlesnakes Can Teach You

This week Michael talks about lessons to be learned from Newt the Beagle’s unfortunate encounter with a rattlesnake. Plus, why the Stoeger STR-9MC is a hot property, and a look at revolvers from Finks Custom Gunsmithing and Rossi.