Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Michael Bane

Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

Still Time to Speak Up!

This week, Michael wraps up his successful shoot at the Rocky Mountain regional Revolver Championships. He also does the final work on his “almost-a’Glock” Polymer80, and reiterates the necessity of ALL SHOOTERS MAKING THEIR VOICE HEARD!

Rock Island’s STK100… Born to Race!

This week Michael takes an in-depth look at the very first striker-fired pistol from Rock Island Armory, the STK100. And unlike other striker-fired guns, it has an aluminum frame. Also, a quick look at the newest addition to Michael’s GP-100 collection.

Rock Island 9mm Racer — the STK100!

Rock Island Armory's brand new STK100 marks a major move into the striker-fired market - with an aluminum twist!

A .22 Magnum Perfect for the House

This week Michael spends a little time with the Rock Island/ARMSCOR .22 MAGNUM revolver…and likes it. Also, we have to dip into politics again. IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO SPEAK UP!

A Great .22 Magnum Revolver!

From Rock Island/ARMSCOR comes a .22 Magnum revolver that would be every bit as comfortable as a woods-walking sidekick or on a bedside table for self-defense. Also, an important interview with The Tactical Professor, Claude Werner.

Guns For The Aftermath

This week Michael discusses the idea of the Defensive Core, the best guns to have when there is a sudden lack of civility.

Marlin Goes Tactical!

This week on TRIGGERED, Michael makes some significant changes to his  Marlin “Dark” 30-30 lever gun, introducing Americans to the FORM buttstocks made in the U.K. and Ranger Point Precision’s M-LOK handguard for the venerable Marlin. And a second introduction — the new Cimarron 1887 lever action shotgun!

We Need Your Voices to Protect the 2A!

This week, it is of critical importance that you speak out against the ATF’s convoluted, intentionally vague attack on home built firearms and virtually everything else!

Taurus’ Home Run GX4

This week we take a look at Taurus’ newest entry in the mini-9mm sweepstakes, the GX4…and an impressive entry it is!

Taurus Trumps Themselves with the GX4!

Taurus is no longer behind the curve. The new GX4 is a collection of best practices in the Mini-9 field.