Friday, December 2, 2022

Michael Bane

Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

Is the Glock G19 Still the Uber-Gun?

This week Michael talks prepper guns, in answer to a Pod Person’s question. Is the Glock 19 still the perfect handgun for a prepper’s SHTF firearm?

The FNP-45 — Beast-Mode Perfection?

The FNP/FNX .45 ACP hammer-fired, 15-round semiauto was developed for the military trials that never happened. After 15 years, it remains a masterpiece of engineering and maybe the finest .45 ACP in the world.

The Ruger SFAR .308 Is Superb!

The Ruger Small Frame Autoloading Rifle (SFAR) has done a magnificent job of filling a niche for an AR-15 sized .308, with both reduced recoil and a price people can afford. It’s fun to shoot, too! Also, the Shield-sighted Tisas Stingray lightweight Commander 1911.

Texas Hogs…And Concealed Carry!

This week Michael heads to Texas with the SDS Imports/Tisas 10mm giveaway pistol to wring it out on big hogs. Afterwards, it's the USCCA Convention in Ft Worth.

Return to The Basement Tapes

On the last day of SHOT Show 2020--before the world got COVID, Michael Bane went down to the basement looking for innovation. And he found it.

Michael Returns to the 1911…Maybe!

Will the Tisas Stingray 1911 LW Commander 9mm end up in Michael’s EDC holster? It’s looking more likely every day! The Stingray, with a Shield RMSc red dot milled into the frame, cries out to be carried.

The Best Backcountry Bear Protection!

This week Michael takes a look at “Piglet,” the Commander-length, 10mm 1911 from Rock Island Armory. With 8-round 10mm mags, Piglet may be the best backcountry safety device ever. Also a look at the new Bushnell RX micro series red dot sights.

The Truly Modern Lever Gun!

Michael visits the NASGW trade show to see what’s in store for the SHOT Show in January. Fightlite’s new blend of an AR-15 with a traditional lever gun caught his eye!

The Best Way To Practice for the Hunt!

This week, a “golden oldie” from 2018 where Michael outlines his own practice regimen for hunting season.

Little Bitty Bushnells on Little Bitty Kahrs

This week Michael mounts the new Bushnell mini red dot sight on an old Kahr CW9 single stack mini-9mm and ends up with a pretty good little gun. And a little discussion on the right scope for the Ruger SFAR.