Sunday, January 24, 2021

Michael Bane

Michael Bane
Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Ballistics Summit with Lucid Optics

Get a firsthand look at some of the latest firearms and optics designed for long-range shooting.

You Are Now Entering An Occupied Zone

Michael talks about why scope reticles may seem different, then touches on our New Reality.

Summit Delivers!

This week Michael starts getting more rounds downrange with the Volquartsen Summit sporting the shorter, lighter Crimson Trace 5-Series 3-24X scope.

Another Longer Gun Option for Lonesome Highways

I am trusting that all of you have seen the TRIGGERED on long gun options when traveling by car. It's been a subject I've...

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Secrets of Rimfire Challenge with Kolby...

Michael Bane visits the cornfields of Iowa to get some Rimfire Challenge tips from a 4-time world champion.

Silent Running

This week Michael talks rationally about where we are as a culture, and how we need to think about going forward.

The Binary Lifestyle

This week Michael introduces you to the new Franklin Armory binary-trigger equipped AR-15. Plus, we get cute with the new Heritage Barkeep .22 revolver.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Pistol Training with Rob Leatham

Attend a day of training with one of the most renowned pistol shooters in the world, Rob Leatham.

New Year; New Guns

For the first podcast of 2021, Michael recaps his eventful trip to FTW Ranch for SHOOTING GALLERY.

The Best Road Guns for Long Lonesome Highways

Michael’s been driving more and more, since airports are really grim these days, and he is a big believer in making sure you have a long gun handy (when legal). In this episode, he shows you how.