Thursday, February 27, 2020

Tag: Shooting Gallery

It’s time for a new season of Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery Season #20 starts airing Jan 1 2020 on Outdoor Channel. We have 10 new episodes lined up for you.

Down Range Radio #648: Visiting the Philippenes and Armscor

This week, Michael wraps up his trip to the Philippines to visit ARMSCOR. This trip will result in 2 episodes of Shooting Gallery airing in 2020.

Down Range Radio #641: On The Road With Shooting Gallery

This week Michael details a hectic, hectic week on the road - from a Remington media event to Bill Wilson’s amazing IPSC Reunion.

All my shows are available on MOTV

Last season of Shooting Gallery and The Best Defense will be available on MOTV in July 2019.