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Wrapping Up SHOT 2023

In this TRIGGERED Special we finish our tour of SHOT 2023 and point out some additional favorites of ours. Triggered, previously SGO and Down Range...

Triggered Special EXCLUSIVE: Ace Trainer Jeff Gonzales

Jeff Gonzales at Trident Concepts has made a career of challenging orthodoxy. Here’s an inside look at one of the top trainers in the country.

Triggered Special: Bob Lee Swagger Returns!

Join us for a unique, in depth interview with Stephen Hunter, the “father” of the Swagger family saga, regular guest on GUN STORIES WITH...

Shooting Without Ammo!

In this TRIGGERED Special we’re back at the USCCA Expo and Training Event in Ft. Worth, TX, for a conversation with Rob Pincus and an examination of ways to practice when ammunition is in short supply.

More from the USCCA EXPO!

On today’s TRIGGERED Special we start out with an interview with legendary knife trainer and THE BEST DEFENSE alumnus Michael Janich. There’s also a visit with Staccato, makers of some of the finest handguns in the world, and an interview with Ron Norton, importer of Barnaul Ammo, on the end of Russian ammunition.

Facing the Active Shooter

EXCLUSIVE: In this special TRIGGERED event, two of the top experts on active shooters, Tom Givens and Ed Monk, help you understand the threat and...