Tag: McRees Precision

Shotgun Revival, and Good Baked Beans!

This week Michael talks about the revival of the lowly shotgun as a premiere home defense firearm…plus, a secret look at Michael’s world-class baked beans!

The FN Tactical Sport Rifle Project

This week we take a look at our prime “test bed” for scopes, the FN TSR (Tactical Sport Rifle) in its many iterations and our newest long-range scope, the Maven RS.4 5-30X FFP. Plus, have you ever heard of TACRIG holsters? Well, here’s your chance.

The Summer of Our Discontent

This week MBTV ON THE RADIO discusses the rise of violence in American cities and, sadly, the dangers of being Good Samaritan. Plus, reloading tips for new shooters and an update on the Volquartsen Summit.

Down Range Radio #646: Bane’s 10/22 Precision Rifle – Version 4.0

This week Michael talks about Iterration 4 of his 10/22 Precision Rifle, now with the addition of a chassis system from Scott McRee!