The S&W Ultimate Carry J-frame!

Snub-nosed revolver have been around since...well...there were revolvers. But Smith & Wesson's new take on the venerable J-frame, the Ultimate Carry, takes the picket pistol to a whole new lever.

[Portions of this article were originally posted on FaceBook Friday, 23 February 2024]

Okay kiddos, some initial thoughts on the Lipsey’s exclusive S&W Ultimate Carry J-frames, either in .38 Special or .32 H&R Mag after intensive time on the range and the chance to discuss the guns with one of the most experienced (and articulate) group of revolver shooters around…

➡️ These are amazingly well thought-out revolvers, which is probably not surprising given the amount of expertise that went into the creation of the little guns. Lipsey’s team led by Jason Cloessner (who has been responsible for some of my favorite guns over the years) and S&W’s engineers led by hands-on Handgun Product Manager Andrew Gore brought in snubby revolver experts Darryl Bolke and Brian Eastridge.

➡️ The UC quite literally takes the J-frame to a different level. This is a major step up, essentially a new platform that opens the door to additional revolves in the UC line…and not just J-frames.

➡️ The UC addresses all the problems that have, in a sense, plagued J-frames since the first Chief’s Special — grips, sights and trigger. In these categories, the UC is not just adequate or good, but exceptional.

➡️ Gripmaker VZ has delivered on of the best sets of snub grips I’ve ever used. XS Sights went through multiple iterations to get to the front sights used in the production guns.

➡️ Bizarrely, .32 H&R may well be a cartridge whose time has come…again. .32 gives you six, instead of 5 shots, which is why I carry .32s in my current pocket pistol, a Ruger .327 LCR. In conjunction with the increased availability of .32/.327 revolvers and self-defense ammo makes the easy-shooting .32 a very viable choice for EDC. Mike McNett from DoubleTap brought out several new flavors, which we chronigraphed and shot through ballistic gel. I will be going to the DT 120-gr .32 wadcutters as soon as I test run them through my personal guns.

➡️ The UCs are not high-dollar Performance Center guns! Humans can afford them.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Lipsey’s and S&W to Ryan Gresham’s Range Ready facility near Baton Rouge along with a very elite, experienced group of revolver shooters to wring the new S&Ws Range Ready’s head trainer Chris Cerino said after the first drills, “Gee, I don’t guess we have any marksmanship issues here…”

With hundreds of rounds through multiple guns, I feel like I can say this is one if the best snubs I’ve ever shot.


Lipsey’s/S&W Ultimate Carry Revolvers

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Lipsey’s Exclusive S&W Ultimate Carry Revolvers


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