Down Range Radio #649: A Little Bit About Optics

Down Range Radio #649

This week Michael gets all glassy about low magnification variables!

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #649.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


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  1. I am a musician, and the sac was the first instrument that I learned to play. Our high school had only about 350 students in it my senior year, but we had 98 band members. Back then, in 1978, music was considered as important as math or science, with a band director who was the type that would throw her baton at students messing around and not paying attention in class.
    We always did very well at competitive events, though.
    We had a jazz band that was very good, for any size school.
    I was actually given the award of an All American Musician, when I graduated. So I tend to appreciate jazz music and the old sound, as well as some of the new jazz being made. I think we are lucky that it had not gone the way of country music.
    Although I did watch the Ken Burns special on country music this past spring, and enjoyed seeing the beginnings of the genre. It was very interesting. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and feel sorry for us Michiganders, who must watch the Lions lose again.


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