Friday, October 7, 2022

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The Future of Firearms Builds!

On this TRIGGERED: Special Projects we talk to well-known trainer and 2A advocate Rob Pincus about the new frontier of inexpensive firearms building —  3-D printing.

Step Up to the VR82!

This week Michael takes a good look at the ARMSCOR/Rock Island Armory VR82, the 20 gauge little brother to the VR80, the magazine-fed semiauto shotgun that took 3-Gun competition by storm. Also, more from TAC-CON 2021, with Chuck Haggard from Agile Training and Consulting on carrying small semiautos.

Tac-Con 2021 Is In The Books

And if you weren’t able to get to the Dallas Pistol Club for this critical event, TRIGGERED has you covered! Here’s Michael’s take on the event, with some of the top trainers in the country.

The Ruger MAX-9 Revealed!

This week Ruger becomes the latest company to enter the litty bitty larger capacity 9mm sweepstakes with their MAX-9, 10+1 or 12+1 rounds in a very small, very well thought-out package.

A Lesson in Rolling Your Own

This week we dip into the past for our comprehensive Polymer80 build, a gun that has gone on to become one of Michael’s favorites.

The Upgraded Taurus G3c

The Taurus G3c and its predecessors, the G2 and the PT-111, have consistently been among the top selling guns in the country. Here’s an inside look why. Also…the dread switchblade!

Bullpups Rule!

This week Michael takes a close look at the KelTec RFB 7.62 NATO bullpup rifle and likes what he sees. Also, finally, a new backpack that meets all Michael’s requirements.

Finishing Up the Big Boomer!

This week Michael finishes up the .458 SOCOM pistol…will it go bang? Will Michael ever find all the lost springs? Or more .458 SOCOM ammo?

The .458 SOCOM Rises!

This week we finally get to the building of the .458 SOCOM pistol! After a quick review of the parts, Michael goes to work in his freezing cold shop.

An Engraving Extravaganza!

This week is all about Tyler Gun Works amazing Engraving Extravaganza, the finals of which took place in Amarillo, TX, last week. With the $10,000 grand prize on the line, the engravers offer their best work on 10 Single Action Armies.