Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Keeping the Ruger SFAR Lightweight

Over the summer we’ve been experimenting with fixed-power optics, sometimes combined with a magnifier, sometimes with a 1X red dot. Our test bed has been the Ruger SFAR .308, this week fitted with a brand new Lucid P8 4X and a Lucid Litl Mo 1X red dot. Also, more from the Ballistics Summit at Whittington and a new advertiser with an eye on safety.

Lucid Ballistics Summit 2023!

An AR that pumps…an airgun that shoots more than a mile and a lot of blue light…welcome to Lucid Optics annual Ballistics Summit, bringing together some of the most interesting companies in Gun World with media reps who can’t wait to pull the trigger!

Revolver Manatee Races!

This week's video from the ICORE Rocky Mountain Regional revolver championships at the Weld County Fish & Wildlife Shooting Range in Colorado, featuring MB and his buddy, Alan Samuel.

The General Purpose Rifle Redux

Michael once again returns to the general purpose rifle concept…can the Sig Cross in .308 fit the bill?

The 1911 Still Rules!

Why are so many shooters now looking at 1911s as their new everyday carry guns? Well, Michael has some of the answers and a couple of good choices if you’re thinking of making the move.

The .458 SOCOM Refined

Merissa and Dianne Bishop are two of the most eclectic custom gunsmiths working today, and their .458 SOCOM bolt action hunting rifle is a fine example of their high-quality work combined with out-of-the-box thinking. We dip into our Secret Hidden Archives to answer your every question on this big bore blaster!

Back to Work with the Stoeger Micro-9mm!

This week Michael gets back to work with the Stoeger STR-9MC, the micro-9mm version of the STR line of pistols. Things were interrupted by a “hinky” red dot. Also, a closer look at the Rock Island “Baby Rock” .380 and Hunters HD Gold “Ruby” shooting glasses.

Two Great .22 Choices!

The S&W “Kit Gun” has been around as long as the 1911, and its AirLite iteration is a perfect .22LR for back-up, deep concealed carry or for people willing to put in the time on the range. A second great choice is the Ruger LCR in .22LR, the perfect snub to use for practice…or carry. Also, how MTM products can ease your match stress!

The Semiauto Shotgun…a Superb Self-Defense Tool!

A self-defense shotgun renaissance is going on and this week Michael takes a look at his favorite semiauto shotguns. Plus, a perfect “adventurer” holster for a perfect “adventurer” gun!

Ruger’s Top-Of-The-Line AR-556 MPR!

This week Michael takes a look at Ruger’s Proof Research-barreled AR-556 MPR, and he likes what he sees! Also, why the new Rossi revolvers, especially the RM 66, are perfect choices for anyone wanting to see what all this noise about revolvers is all about.