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Getting Ready for GUNSITE…

…and a touch of perfection! This week Michael starts shooting the pair of Rossis he’ll be using at the GUNSITE lever action/handgun class soon. Plus, Ed Brown’s magnificent Kobra Carry 1911.

NRA Show Surprises!

In addition to all the political maneuvering, there were several really interesting new guns at the NRA Show in Dallas. Let’s take a quick look!

Dave Spaulding: Killing Sacred Cows!

Over a storied career in law enforcement, Dave Spaulding emerged as one of the top firearms trainers in America. His Handgun Combatives' classes, driven both by his skill as a presenter and his dry humor, were filled almost as soon as they were announced. Dave has zero respect for sacred cows, and today he slays a herd!

RIA’s Just About Perfect 9mm Revolver

Michael has been revisiting Rock Island Armory's Czech-built AL9.0 9mm revolver, and he can’t speak highly enough of the 6-shooter. Also, new products from Streamlight and the first look at C&H Precision’s affordable optics.

Break Out the Wrist-Busters!

The hint of a revolver hunting trip to Africa next year has Michael breaking out his “wrist-buster” big guns from Taurus, S&W and Magnum Research. Which would be the choice for the Dark Continent? Also, Kahr Arms double-stack 9mm will be formally launched very, very soon...

Little Guns; Big Scopes

This week, Michael introduces his latest Bond Arms derringer, the Stinger “Fireball,” then goes on to suggest how such a gun might be used. Also, Steiner, a legend in military optics, has landed a brilliant entry into the hunting/general purpose side of the market.

Secrets to Red Dot Mastery!

This week we have a little change in direction with an interview with Mike Ox, coauthor along with Erick Gelhaus and Marcus Custer, of RED DOT MASTERY, a comprehensive look at learning and mastering dot optics on handguns.

Why the RIA 5.0e is a True Supergun

Working with the enhanced version of the Rock Island 5.0 9mm competition pistol is a joy. Also, the Stoeger SRT-9 now comes in colors…it’s spring, after all.

How Do the Ultimate Carry Snubs Stack Up?

With our T&E Lipsey’s/S&W snub revolvers in hand, we start with some comparisons to other pocket carry pistols and highlight the design features of the new guns.

Can the Home Defender Defend a Home?

The long-barreled Taurus Judge offers an advantage over any shorter barreled .410s, especially with 3-inch buckshot loads. Also Tisas’ high-value PX-9 and excellent new products from MTM Case-Gard and Streamlight!