Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tag: michaelbane.tv’s Triggered


Chicken Run

In this week’s…exceptional…TRIGGERED, Michael talks about the guns he’d pick up and grab if he had to run out of the Secret Hidden Bunker. He knows this because last week he had to run out of the Secret Hidden Bunker as the massive Cameron Peak Fire bore down.

ARMSCOR Weathers the Storm

This week Michael interviews Martin Tuason, head of ARMSCOR/Rock Island Armory on how the company weathered the COVID-19 storm and what’s in store for next year. Also, a quick look at Michael’s favorite Rock Island guns.

Deagles Flying High!

This week Michael succumbs to social pressure and brings his two .50AE Desert Eagles out to play, and, amazingly, he may finally have learned how to shoot them correctly!

Four Aces

This week TRIGGERED takes a look at the latest batch of 3-inch snubbie revolvers, a trend that has really taken off.

A Little Bit Old; A Little Bit New

This week we take a look at two guns, their designs separated by hundreds of years, but both at the top of their respective games.

A Revolution at Sig Sauer

This week Michael not only goes through his “working tools,” the gun and holster set-up he uses for classes, but chronicles changes at Sig that put them in the forfront of “D.I.Y. Guns.”

Catching Up on New Products!

This week Michael sifts through new products, then brings you up to date on Project Volquartsen Summit.

True Texas BBQ…Guns

This week Michael has fun with Cimarron Firearms’ newest line of Frontier six-shooters, each one in shiny nickel polish, engraved and dedicated to some of our most famous Americans…perfect “attire” for that special BBQ.

Finding the Holy Grail!

This week we delve into Michael’s newest rifle, his “grail gun,” the 1895 Winchester…and he finally gets to shoot some .405 Winchester cartridges!

Is the FK BRNO 7.5FK the Future of Hunting Cartridges?

This week Michael talks about shooting the elusive FK BRNO Field Pistol and the latest FK PSD Multicaliber, almost live from GUNSITE.