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Is This the Ultimate Snubnose Revolver?

Lipsey’s/Smith & Wesson’s introduction of the Ultimate Carry J-Frame at SHOT 2024 was the surprise handgun hit of the Show. Michael was among the first to get his hands on the guns in an exclusive event at Lipsey’s and the Range Ready facility in Louisiana. Short story — a truly ground-breaking pocket revolver!

Rossi’s Best Buy Revolver

Rolled out just before SHOT, Rossi’s 3 new .357/.38 revolvers offer a huge value for the money. The pick of the litter, as it were, is the 3-inch RP63, the gun you definitely need. From the SHOT Show, another surprise — Diamondback’s Self-Defense Revolver, SDR, a revolver that seems destined for success.

SHOT Madness Continues!

Our second show on what’s new and fascinating at SHOT 2024! From larger capacity polymer-framed 2011 style guns to beautiful blue Colt Pythons, this year’s SHOT Show has it all…just ask Michael’s VISA card!

SHOT 2024 — The Year of the Lever Gun!

In a complete surprise, the 2024 SHOT Show proved to be the Year of the Lever Gun. New lever action rifles were everywhere, adding to the already established makes like Henry, Marlin, Cimarron and Taylor. Here’s a quick look at what caught Michael’s eye.

Revolvers Still Rule!

Our second installment from the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up at GUNSITE, including some great instructional tips from Cecil Burch, Mark Frickie and Caleb Giddings…exclusively on TRIGGERED!

Ruger Redhawk’s Screamin’ Hornet!

The first new gun of 2024 is something of a surprise, a Ruger Super Redhawk in…wait for it….22 Hornet. The fast little varmint cartridge has been around since the late 1920s, but had fallen from favor. But Ruger aims to change that with the perfect varmint-slaying pistol!

Guns Around the World!

TRIGGERED returns in 2024 with our promised tour of some of the finest firearms works of art in the world! First, it’s Amsterdam and the amazing Rijksmuseum collection of “treasures of the Netherlands,” followed by an exclusive trip to Paris’ most…eclectic museum, the Museum of Hunting and Nature.

R.I.A.’s Super 9mm Revolver, and GUNSITE Grows!

There is a true gem of a revolver in Rock Island Armory’s line of guns imported from the gun-making nation of the Czech Republic. The AL9.0 Standard, a six-shot 9mm revolver is a jewel! Also this week, we all know GUNSITE is the best training academy in the world…now it is bigger & better!

The Best Revolver Training…Period!

We begin our exclusive video coverage of the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up at GUNSITE! Plenty more coverage coming in January 2024!

Why Compact Pistols Make Sense

This week we continue our evaluation of the compact Stoeger over it’s micro-9mm cousin. Plus, the Taurus Judge expands…at least in barrel length…and a preview of the artistic guns of Europe travelogue.