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Two Big Court Wins…and a Caveat

The bump stock ban and the pistol brace final rule go down in flames the same week! But remember…courts can be finicky friends. Also, looking at the Tademkross/MaddMac hybrid .22 and the perfect “snake gun,” the Rossi RP63 with DoubleTap Snake Shot.

An Ideal Revolver?

The new line of Rossi revolvers is a great opportunity for people looking to try a revolver without breaking the bank. Also, some thoughts on becoming invisible.

Why 3-Inch Revolvers Just Work

The 3-inch revolver trend continues apace, and Michael thinks that it just makes sense. Our sponsor Taurus have a great — and reasonably priced — series of 3-inch revolvers, and here’s how you choose.

Three Great 3-Inch Revolvers

As the trend toward 3-inch .38/.357 revolvers continues unabated, shooters looking to “get their feet wet” should take a good luck at the selection from Taurus! Also, a wrap-up of the ICORE Worlds.

Taurus Continues Upping Revolver Game!

This week we have three revolvers, two from Taurus and one of the newest from Rossi. First a quick relook at the 856 Exec Grade .38 +P, then the custom Taurus 692 .357/.38 and 9mm. Then the new Rossi RM64, a sleek .357/.38 at an amazing price point!