Why 3-Inch Revolvers Just Work

The 3-inch revolver trend continues apace, and Michael thinks that it just makes sense. Our sponsor Taurus have a great — and reasonably priced — series of 3-inch revolvers, and here’s how you choose.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #192.
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Host: Michael Bane

Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up

Tiger McKee “Choppers”

Rock Island AL9.0 9mm revolver

Taurus 856 Defender Series

856 Defender Executive Grade

Taurus 605 Defender

Rossi RP63

Falco Holsters

Galco Combat Master Holster

Phlster City Special Holster for Taurus

The Music of Marshall Mcferrin


  1. Hey Michael,

    Love your podcasts! Only recently discovered them, and I instantly became a fan.

    Question: Have you checked out CZs?

    I’m a longtime SIG fan— the P229 was my primary carry gun for decades— and I switched to the P365 and P365XL when they came out; since they offer similar capacity to the P229 in a much smaller package. (You mention the P365 Macro; but the 17-rd mag makes it inaccessible to me in Colorado where I also reside.)

    But I’ve recentiy discovered CZs, which fit my hand *like no other gun*. My CZ-83s in .380 and .32, and my CZ-75 D PCRs in 9mm, feel like they’re sculpted to my hand. They sit lower and have better balance.

    Love to hear your take on them!

    Onward and upward,

    Bill S.


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