The Insider Column: Taurus Mini Revolvers


Lemme catch my breath a little here… so Taurus is rolling out a .380 revolver, the Taurus Mini Revolver… before you (or I) say anything, I’ve like to point out that the little I-framed… to use S&W frame terminology on the pre-J-frame technology… 9mm Taurus revolver was one fiercely accurate little blaster. Guys I respect told me about wicked small groups with the 9mm Taurus…so hey, who knows?


I actually handled a proto of the Taurus View, as per the Truth About Guns snark, months ago. Forget the Lexan side panels. I’d have fully transparent plastic semitautos…okay, maybe a fetching bright green…if I could. The interesting thing about the Taurus View is the minimalist grip frame, 1-inch barrel, and 9-ounce weight. Nine ounces!!! That’s an ounce less than an S&W .22 317 Airweight…down in mini .380 territory. I wasn’t able to shoot the little gun, but I was surprised that it sat pretty comfortably in my hand. Heavy bullet +P might be…challenging.


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