The Insider Column: Has The New Little Glock 42 been outed?

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The new little Glock 42 has been outed on the Boomershooter Forum. It appears to be a single stack .380, a bit smaller than the G26 9mm in most dimensions (5.94 inches in length for the .380; 6.41 inches in length; 4.13 for the height; 4.17 for the G26). Of course the real difference, of course (aside from 9mm vs. .380) is the width…the porky little G26 is 1.26 wide. The new .380 is only .836 wide, approaching my ideal dimension of .75 inch. The size is closer of a Kahr CW9 9mm or the Ruger LC9 than the current generation of .380s, making it — if the leak is correct and not a false flag — more along the lines of the Ruger LC380.

I would suspect a 9mm will follow pretty quickly. I’m surprised a 9mm wasn’t the first offering, since the .380 gold rush seems to have given way to the mini-9s. No doubt Glock will sell a zillion of them. You note I don’t mention pining away for mini-40s…that’s because I think they suck.


  1. When I was young Marine, and knew everything, the .380 was what you used in a Walther PPK. Now, a little down the road, I know a 45 ACP can be too much of a good thing for some, and a good, ergonomic, “Shootable” flat carrying 380 with the Glock logo on it, won’t be the worst choice for a walk in the park.

    Nothing is perfect, even if someone says so, but I’d buy one (to go with the other 20+).


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