Tag: Hardwired Tactical Shooting

The Surreptitious Draw — A Necessary Skill

Michael is more and more convinced that in today’s self-defense environment the surreptitious draw — accessing your firearms without a potential aggressor’s realizing it — is a necessary skill. Luckily, we have a THE BEST DEFENSE video example!

The .458 SOCOM Bishop Goes Viral?

Remember the .458 SOCOM bolt action rifle built by Merissa and Dianne Bishop? It recently went viral on TikTok. Also, we get back to the question of how are we carrying a gun in this new world we live in.

The Rules of Gun Fight!

Sure, there are tons of Gunfight Rules on the Internet, but Michael breaks them all down into four simple statements (with, of course, a little bit of help from his friends)!

Wheel Go Round!

This week we wrap up the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up in Dallas, TX! Must hear information on dealing with the snubby revolver.