Tag: Kevin Creighton

Michael Cowboys Up!

This week, Michael eschews politics for a hat, a pair of cowboy boots and a boatload of cowboy guns for a fun Saturday shooting a SASS match. He also introduces a new training device from a surprising place — Steiner Optics.

Controversy on Competition?

It seems that as competitions of all sorts proliferate, social media grousing about competition gets worse and worse. This week we look at why that happens.

Reaching the 99% of Gun Owners!

Too often our training focus is on the 1% of shooters who readily sign up for training, while overlooking the 99% of gun owners who really need the training! How do we balance this out? Michael has some thoughts...

Hard Truths

The first part of today’s podcast is hard truths that we all must face…beware calls to violence! Second, a quick after-action report on Wyoming Tactical’s absolutely excellent Long Range Shooting class.

Beyond the Scout Rifle – Part 1

This week we look at the concept of a “general purpose rifle,” a modern interpretation of Jeff Cooper’s scout rifle concept.

On Being Gray-ish…

A gray man is one who is flying under the radar, whose focus is one moving through the world with as few ripples as possible.