Reaching the 99% of Gun Owners!

Too often our training focus is on the 1% of shooters who readily sign up for training, while overlooking the 99% of gun owners who really need the training! How do we balance this out? Michael has some thoughts…

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #207.
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Host: Michael Bane

KR Training/Karl Rehn

Quietly Armed Training/Kevin Creighton

I.C.E. Training/Rob Pincus

Cimarron 1873 Short Rifle .44 Special

Griner Gunworks

The Music of Ajda the Turkish Queen

The Music of the Anacondas

Horror Films That Feature Freakish Ants


  1. It is amazing how few people who own guns for defense we instructors actually don’t reach. Firm believer that we need to do more. When training with Pincus I heard the same thing you did, “We have to give them something to take home.” Sharpened skills in defense and trained with others to sharpen my skills. I offer half day classes for fundamentals with a defensive context to teach beginners and help those who want to be better. I offer full day classes to take students to next step and quickly move beyond basic CCW. Full day classes in context of home defense or in everyday carry. I have found I draw more beginners than hobby trainees, but I also get many return students who want more and to train more in defense. Thanks for what you have done and are doing for 2A, shooting and the training industry.


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