Monday, October 18, 2021


The Perfect Hiking Load-Out?

This week we talk about getting out on the trails to take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and how those hikes change your EDC.

It’s Concealed Carry Expo Time!

Michael travels to Ft. Worth, located in the free republic of Texas, for the United States Concealed Carry Association EXPO. Here’s why the work that the USCCA has been doing so well is important to all of us.

Murder Soars!

The murder rate in America rose almost 30% in 2020, says the FBI’s newest stats. What does that mean for your personal self-defense? Also, the new Primary Arms SLx MicroPrisim sight gets its first test in competition.

Awash in Propaganda!

What is propaganda and how does it work? Here’s the answer, but don’t say it on Facebook or you’ll join Michael in “jail.”

Always Be Ready for the Second Move!

First, a couple of great small companies — the Henning Group and Targets USA, then some self-defense thinking for the New World.

Australia — Gone in 60 Seconds!

How quickly can a First World country fall in totalitarianism? Check out Australia. And before you get all gloomy, let’s shoot some new guns from Rock Island and SAS Imports.

Pocket Pistol Training

This week, in addition to comments on last week’s controversial podcast, Michael looks at how carrying a pocket pistol changes how a person should train.

Has the “S” Hit The “F”?

Here is the hard question…where is America right now on the sliding scale of disaster? Michael takes a shot at answering that question and discusses the implications of that answer.

The Tragedy of Caliber Exhaustion!

In a tight market like today’s, adding another caliber to deal with can be, honestly, more of a headache than it’s worth. Also, Rare Breed Triggers fights back against ATF overreach.

Cameo Shooting and Education Complex Takes a Bow!

This week we talk about the COMPEXPO, Cameo Shooting Range and Education Complex’s big expo and 4, count 'em, four shooting championships at the same time. Michael also weighs in on the training imbroglio-de-jure, the sub-1-second draw.