First Fun; Then Time to Get Serious

This week’s podcast is an interesting mixed lot. There’s the fun of getting ready to start training for the Texas Nilgai hunt in November. Then there’s the deadly serious next installment of “Understanding the Changing Self-Defense Landscape.”

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #213.
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Host: Michael Bane

Marlin “Dark” Original (video), MB, SGO

Marlin “Dark” Goes Tactical! (video)/MB, TRIGGERED

America is Going To Be Targeted for a Massive Terrorist Attack…Will You Be Ready?/Kurt Schlichter, TOWNHALL

Are You Ready for a Major Jihad Attack in the U.S.? Because It’s Coming/Robert Spencer, PJ MEDIA

The Russian Canary in the Coal Mine/John A. Lucas, BRAVO BLUE

You Didn’t Think the Squatter Situation Just Appeared Out of Nowhere, Did You?/Victoria Taft, PJ MEDIA

The Music and Comedy of Tim Wilson

The Music of Evert Z


  1. Appreciate your gun reviews
    *and your social commentary as well!*

    While you’re comparing the new S&W Ultra-Carry J-frame, I’d love to hear your opinion on how it compares to my favorite S&W snubby: the 2” M12 K-frame.

    Best regards, and please
    keep up the good work


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