Answering Ultimate Carry Questions and Ramping Up the RIA 5.0e

This week we answer some questions that have come in over the transom about the Lipsey’s/S&W Ultimate Carry revolvers. Also, why you should give Lost River Ammo a shot, and starting to work with the Rock Island 5.0e supergun.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #214.
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Host: Michael Bane

Lipsey’s/S&W Ultimate Carry Snubby revolvers

VZ Grips

XS Sights

MTM Case-Gard New Products

The Book of Five Rings (BOOK), Miyamoto Musashi

Rock Island Armory 5.0e

The RIA 5.o0 Groundbreaking Surprise/TRIGGERED

Rock Island Armory 5.0 9mm Full Review/James Tarr, G&A

FPS Tactical Holsters

Taylor Freelance Magazine Extensions

RIA 5.0e Magazines

The Music of Amos Ever Hadani

The Music of Shinto



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