Swarovski, RIA 5.0e and Why People Drive Lamborghinis

This week we tackle the existential question of why one might purchase a more expensive car — or gun — over a less expensive version. Also, why Michael loves the RIA 5.0e.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #215.
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Host: Michael Bane

Swarovski Optik Z8i 3.5-28 P

RIA 5.0e 9mm

STI Marauder 9mm

In-Depth Look at the RVS Recoil System/sootch00

RIA 5.0e Magazines

The Music of Tapash

The Music of Captain Joz


  1. Michael, I really have to crank up the volume (all the way) to hear you. I am an old shooter (lol)
    so may be just a problem on my end, but I don’t have to do that on other podcasts. Just something to look at? Thanks for your work every week.


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