Is This the Ultimate Snubnose Revolver?

Lipsey’s/Smith & Wesson’s introduction of the Ultimate Carry J-Frame at SHOT 2024 was the surprise handgun hit of the Show. Michael was among the first to get his hands on the guns in an exclusive event at Lipsey’s and the Range Ready facility in Louisiana. Short story — a truly ground-breaking pocket revolver!

Triggered previously SGO and Down Range TV covers in depth topics and products related to shooting sports and personal defense. Host Michael Bane covers new products from the firearms industry like no other.

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American Fighting Revolver

Lipsey’s /S&W Ultimate Carry J-Frame

Other S&W J-Frames

The Covered Low Ready/Darryl Bolke, AMERICAN COP

The Smith & Wesson J-Frame: A Short History/Dave Campbell, AMERICAN RIFLEMAN

FB Post on S&W UC/Michael Bane

XS Sights

VZ Grips


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