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Back to Work with the Stoeger Micro-9mm!

This week Michael gets back to work with the Stoeger STR-9MC, the micro-9mm version of the STR line of pistols. Things were interrupted by a “hinky” red dot. Also, a closer look at the Rock Island “Baby Rock” .380 and Hunters HD Gold “Ruby” shooting glasses.

Rock Island Armory’s Groundbreaking 5.0ST

Holy crap this is a GUN! First off, it has the esthetics of the perfect sidearm for Rick Deckard in BLADERUNNER, or maybe the Monolith in 2001...sleek, spare, do flash slide million or Punisher symbols anywhere.

Is Bullseye Good For You?

How about a little bullseye shooting, tighten up those groups? Michael has some thoughts about that, plus a slobbering description of the Volquartsen LLVx competition .22 upper. Plus, 45-70 lore!

SHOT Follow-Ups!

This week we have a few more thoughts — and products — from SHOT 2022.

Rock Island 9mm Racer — the STK100!

Rock Island Armory's brand new STK100 marks a major move into the striker-fired market - with an aluminum twist!

Down Range Radio #638: Virtue Signaling and Practicing on What You’re...

This week Michael ponders whether there is ever only one “answer…”

The Rock Island Armory VR80

The VR80 12GA shotgun is a gas-operated semi-automatic with AR-15 ergonomics and control. Michael Bane took it for a spin in a 3-gun match and also decided to replace the stock and grip.