Saturday, December 3, 2022

Tag: Rock Island Armory

Is Bullseye Good For You?

How about a little bullseye shooting, tighten up those groups? Michael has some thoughts about that, plus a slobbering description of the Volquartsen LLVx competition .22 upper. Plus, 45-70 lore!

SHOT Follow-Ups!

This week we have a few more thoughts — and products — from SHOT 2022.

Rock Island 9mm Racer — the STK100!

Rock Island Armory's brand new STK100 marks a major move into the striker-fired market - with an aluminum twist!

Down Range Radio #638: Virtue Signaling and Practicing on What You’re...

This week Michael ponders whether there is ever only one “answer…”

The Rock Island Armory VR80

The VR80 12GA shotgun is a gas-operated semi-automatic with AR-15 ergonomics and control. Michael Bane took it for a spin in a 3-gun match and also decided to replace the stock and grip.