A Spike’s Tactical .22 upper for the Appleseed gun project and a holster for my Ruger SR-22

Spike’s Tactical ST-22 Lothar Walther upper

I got my Spike’s Tactical .22 upper for the Appleseed gun project (for SHOOTING GALLERY Season 13). Man, it is sweet! Alan Samuel and I are going to build the gun up on a special JP Rifles lower that just arrived at Alan’s shop. I talked to John (the “JP” of “JP Rifles”) about making sure his superb trigger system was set up for the notoriously finicky .22 LRs, and he did suggest some changes in springs. Haven’t yet made any decision on the stock…I do like the Ace skeletal stocks…but, of course, it’s a Magpul universe. As I mentioned before, I’m putting a Pride/Fowler 3-9X scope on it to work it out after we get it built (and filmed).

Finally, I’d just like to give a shootout to Rob at SIMPLY RUGGED Holsters for his superb Cuda Holster. I bought one of these for my little Ruger SR-22 pistol, which has become one of my favorite little knock around guns. I put that gun on when I went to the range, covering it with a Carhardt t-shirt (because, paranoid soul that I am, I can’t bear to be shooting on public land without at least one concealed weapon on my person, even if its only a .22). The Cuda holster carries and conceals amazingly well — not to mention it’s amazingly inexpensive. I ended up carrying that gun all day. No, I’m not planning on giving up the 9-mil as the daily carry gun, but up here bopping around the Secret Hidden Bunker, the SR-22 will probably suffice. Maybe as long as I’m being eclectic, I should add the Bond Arms .45/.410 as my second gun…


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