Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tag: Simply Rugged Holsters


The Three Bear Bear-Eliminators

Responding to television shows on Alaska bear country, Michael looks at 3 back-up revolvers for the wild, including the brutal Ruger Alaskan.

Deagles Flying High!

This week Michael succumbs to social pressure and brings his two .50AE Desert Eagles out to play, and, amazingly, he may finally have learned how to shoot them correctly!

Carrying the SIG P365 and Reviewing the KelTec P17 .22LR

In this episode, Michael Bane gives you an update on his experience with the SIG P365. He also shows you the newest handgun from KelTec, the P17 in . 22 Long Rifle.

Accessorizing The Glock 43

Given the popularity of this new pistol, Ed Head enhanced it for concealed carry, so here’s his version of the Super Mini Glock.

The Defcon 3 from Simply Rugged Holsters

The Defcon 3 holster can be used as a strong side, cross draw or IWB and comfortably to wear all day long.

Springfield Armory XD-S Reviewed

When I showed an interest in the XD-S some well meaning folks warned me to expect punishing recoil and hands chewed up by the aggressive checkering on the little pistol. Although I accepted this advice I was somewhat skeptical.