Down Range Radio #620: The NRA Show Report

This week, the NRA Annual Meeting in Indy, the good and the bad…


Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #620.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway

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  1. Mazel tov MB on the new website ! Looks fresh and nice …

    As for this podcast I just wanted to add a thought…I know you focused on the NRA meeting from the perspective of members being angry etc. I think folks are missing the point. The real danger is not memvers but the NY State and Federal prosecutors getting involved. The NY AG has already issued preservation orders. She has all the power to dig into the various NRA groups and tear them apart. Look at what they did to the Trump Foundation !

    And God forbid the Fed prosecutors of the Southern District get involved. I keep telling people that white collar criminal prosecution in NY is a recreational sport ! Just google the list of top politicians who are doing time as a result of the same crap I read the executives of NRA have gotten into.

    I am not pre-judging anyone. But I am warning folks they better damn lawyer up. And that includes the BoDs who thought it was a great resume item.

    As Wyatt Earp says in Tombstone…”tell them Hells coming” !


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