Down Range Radio #632: We have to talk about the NRA

This week, Michael joins the chorus of people calling for Wayne LaPierre to step down from his position at the head of the NRA. He also talks about manual safety.

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #632.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


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  1. Ref: your discussion of manual safety on certain handguns
    There is not a lot of difference in preparation to fire.
    1. Have a gun.
    2. The gun must be loaded.
    3. Sights must be aligned with the target.
    4. The shooter must remember to operate the trigger.

    The consequences of forgetting to operate the trigger are the same as the consequences of forgetting to move to the manual safety to the FIRE position.

  2. The only problem with the State sanctioning marriage is that it is used in the IRS tax code. People confuse the religious belief and theory, with the legal definition of who and how to tax. The problem with the 16th Amendment is that the government changed the constitution without realizing the implications of their actions. The whole idea behind income tax is suspect at least and makes the 16th Amendment pretty much like prohibition, a failed social experiment that gave a group of crooks in congress too much money to spend.

    Sorry, this topic just presses my buttons. If your read this, thanks for the patience, if you ignored it you are a wise man.

  3. Michael,
    Thank you for another excellent Down Range Radio broadcast. I joined the NRA the day former president Obama was elected, but allowed my membership to lapse, due to my being unhappy with some of the issues going on within the leadership and the direction of the group. Just a couple of years ago, I realized that the best way for me to affect change was from within, and so I rejoined. When I heard of some of the shenanigans with the top leadership, I did not hesitate, but told myself that I was going to remain a member of the NRA, and attempt to put pressure on the board from my small part of the world.
    I do hope that things change, starting with a complete leadership switch. I have ideas for how that could be accomplished, but I am certain that people smarter than I have already made contingency plans in the event of a need for such a plan.
    As to the manual safety, I have always preferred to have one, just as one extra layer of safety. I carry a Taurus Millenium G2, with just a small safety and it doesn’t cause any problems or slow me down. I did make the mistake once of trying to understand why appendix carry didn’t violate one of the primary rules of gun safety. I did not realize that tar and feathers was still considered a thing. And when a person that I did not know told me how dumb I was, and I told him how rude he was, I was jumped on by everyone, for not knowing just how important this person was in the gun community. I never made that mistake again.
    The news of Larry Potterfield is distressing, that is for sure. And of course, best wishes for a speedy recovery. He seems to be a very decent, kind, and friendly man, who would be the type you would like to spend time with. I hope that he has many, many years of enjoyment of the outdoors left.

    Again, thank you for addressing the ongoing difficulties at the NRA. I suspect that it was something that was bound to come up, either sooner or later. I hope we can get past it, and move on to better things. And I also appreciate that in music, there is really nothing new, just many things that come back. It always comes back to people who can sing and play an instrument well.

  4. Michael, I am assuming you saw Larry Potterfield’s defense of the NRA Status Quo over at Ammoland. If I am remembering correctly, I believe you said that Larry was recovering from heart surgery and highly likely not the best time for a chat about what is going on at the NRA.

    Nevertheless, as Life Member, I fully support the efforts to reform and save the NRA. I don’t have confidence in the current of Leadership and the BOD mouthpieces. Looking forward to doing what I can to help fix the problem.

  5. Im new to rifled bore shooting and handguns in just the last 2 years. I joined the NRA to defend my rights as written in the second amendment. When I joined, it seemed that all was fine and we need it to lobby our government officials. Then this year controversy and disruption abounds at every corner and office at the national level!! As a member I want a clear and unified organization at the NRA! As a member I EXPECT A CLEAR AND UNIFIED ORGANIZATION THAT IS RAZOR FOCUSED ON DEFENDING GUN OWNERSHIP AND RIGHTS VIA THE NRA!!!. Given that I met Michael Bane in person recently and he is clear about his stance and shows his integrity in the process I respect his opinion about Wayne LePierre needing to step down. My question to Michael is whom would you like to see replace him?


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