Does the NRA Survive?

With the New York corruption trial of NRA executives under way, and Wayne LaPierre’s resignation, where does that leave what was once the most successful civil rights organization in America?

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #202.
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Host: Michael Bane

Time for Perspective/Jim Shephard, THE OUTDOOR WIRE

What Anti-2A Activists Don’t Get About LaPierre Leaving the NRA/Cam Edwards, BEARING ARMS

NY AG Letitia James Flips NRA’s Former Second-In-Command/Jennifer Sensiba, TTAG

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  1. Michael
    It is sad that you had to speak on the NRA, but it did indeed need to be said. I still have not forgiven them for the 2022 election.
    Here in Michigan, we should have been able to get rid of the Empress of Lansing, but the fact that WLP was spending so much money on legal services meant that they didn’t have enough money to spend on the election, both at the state and the federal level.
    I agree that Jim Shepherd is the best person to keep us informed on things. A great man, I respect him a lot, and he came out early with a call for WLP to resign as did you.
    I wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that you will speak positively about companies that are not your sponsors. The gun magazines often are too obvious about having an add right next to an article about that same companies products.
    I am heading to this weeks Triggered, and wanted to thank you for it. As well as wishing you and your sweetie a safe and uneventful winter.


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