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A Sterling SMG-styled pistol in…get this… 7.62 X 25 Tokarev! Manufactured by Wise Lite Arms, these have apparently been around for a couple of months, but I’m just running into them. The Toke round has always had a surprisingly large number of followers, largely because of the bazillions of CZ-52s out there…I have one and aside from the fact that it has the ergonomics of stepped-on Twinkie and is butt-ugly to boot, it’s a cool gun to shoot. The Toke is also popular because it’s a smoking little round, a poor man magnum. It’s also a dirt cheap little round to buy on the surplus market…maybe the last one left. Centerfire Systems has these bad boys in stock for $550, with 7.62 X 25 for 10 bucks for 70 rounds.

Oh come on…you know you want one! Even if you have no idea what it actually is…

It’s a Rhino, the newest .357 revolver on the block from Chiappa Firearms in Italy, run by my good — if weird — friend Ron Norton. The Rhino concept’s been knocking around since 2000…and no, it’s not a Mateba (which I always lusted after in .44 Magnum), although it was designed by the same guy, Emilo Ghisoni.

It looks like the cutesy/ugly little thing is finally going to make it to the U.S. market…this from today’s press release:

Called the Rhino (sort of resembles one too) you will first notice that the barrel is actually at the bottom of the cylinder. The gun is designed to fire from the bottom chamber of the cylinder (6:00 position not 12:00 as with other revolvers).

The new design resulted in improvements of the internal mechanisms over conventional revolver designs yielding up incredible reliability, a super-smooth action and improved safety.

Function over form! The Rhino’s low barrel design ergonomically shifts recoil energy into the center of the palm of the hand and in line with the forearm thus greatly reducing the effects of felt recoil. Traditional revolver design (semi-autos too)place the barrel above the hand.

When the gun is fired the leverage applied by that design forces the recoil into the web area of the hand between the thumb and trigger finger causing significant muzzle snap. Not the Rhino! Due to this new design a shooter can now fire very fast and accurate repeat shots.

The Rhino is designed reduce its carry profile. This design is even carried into the hexagonal shaped cylinder making for a flatter profile when carried (especially handy for legal concealed carry).

Okay…it’s not “Victorious Mongoose,” but you have to admit “Rhino” is pretty close…surprised they didn’t call it “Tactical Rhino” and put a rail under the barrel. Anyway, gotta have one…have already requested the T&E version! Comes with 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6-inch barrels, and so far only in .357 Magnum. It’ll be distributed by MKS Supply, who are also partnered with Charter Arms. Fifure an MSRP between $775-980, depending on options.

Finally, above is PROOF POSITIVE that I do NOT get all the good toys, no matter what the commercial on OUTDOOR CHANNEL says!!!

This absolute screaming masterpiece of a 1911 was built by the great Dave Lauck at DL Sports for Gunny Hisself, R. Lee Ermey. Probably should have lettered “G-L-O-C-K” on the slide, eh?




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