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Wringing Out the S&W UC!

The top snubby revolver experts in the country met at Lipsey’s in Baton Rouge last week for hands-on with the runaway handgun hit of SHOT 2024, the Lipsey’s/Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry J-frame revolver. The results were nothing short of spectacular!

An Ideal Revolver?

The new line of Rossi revolvers is a great opportunity for people looking to try a revolver without breaking the bank. Also, some thoughts on becoming invisible.

Reaching the 99% of Gun Owners!

Too often our training focus is on the 1% of shooters who readily sign up for training, while overlooking the 99% of gun owners who really need the training! How do we balance this out? Michael has some thoughts...

Do You Need to Carry a Long Gun?

New times and new threats require new solutions. How does the increasing threat of domestic terrorism change your old self-defense planning?

Surviving SHOT…Again!

It’s the first podcast after SHOT 2024 and Michael doesn’t have COVID, for a change! Still, there are tons of interesting guns on the horizon, as well as fascinating trends...


Michael amazingly survives the first day, Media Day at the Range while ONLY buying one gun, a Henry Supreme Lever Action Rifle in .300 Blackout. It's the year of the lever gun, or maybe the year of the double-stack 1911, or maybe...well, you can be the judge!

Terrorist Attack in America?

Can a terrorist attack like October 7 in Israel happen in the U.S.? Best-selling author Kurt Schlichter thinks so. So what steps do you need to take to protect your family? Also, new products from Wilderness Tactical and Ed Brown!

Does the NRA Survive?

With the New York corruption trial of NRA executives under way, and Wayne LaPierre’s resignation, where does that leave what was once the most successful civil rights organization in America?

New Year…More Guns!

The podcast begins its 20th year, hopefully with some useful time for self-defense and our first reading assignment of the new year!

For the New Year, Examine Your EDC Compromises!

Virtually every element of self-defense and concealed carry involves some sort of compromise. And because our situations often change, we need to take a moment to examine these compromises!