Saturday, November 26, 2022

Tag: Michael Bane Podcast

The FNP-45 — Beast-Mode Perfection?

The FNP/FNX .45 ACP hammer-fired, 15-round semiauto was developed for the military trials that never happened. After 15 years, it remains a masterpiece of...

Texas Hogs…And Concealed Carry!

This week Michael heads to Texas with the SDS Imports/Tisas 10mm giveaway pistol to wring it out on big hogs. Afterwards, it's the USCCA Convention in Ft Worth.

Michael Returns to the 1911…Maybe!

Will the Tisas Stingray 1911 LW Commander 9mm end up in Michael’s EDC holster? It’s looking more likely every day! The Stingray, with a Shield RMSc red dot milled into the frame, cries out to be carried.

The Truly Modern Lever Gun!

Michael visits the NASGW trade show to see what’s in store for the SHOT Show in January. Fightlite’s new blend of an AR-15 with a traditional lever gun caught his eye!

Little Bitty Bushnells on Little Bitty Kahrs

This week Michael mounts the new Bushnell mini red dot sight on an old Kahr CW9 single stack mini-9mm and ends up with a pretty good little gun. And a little discussion on the right scope for the Ruger SFAR.

New Guns: The Tisas Stingray 1911 Carry Guns!

Michael experiences 1911 Lust for the first time in many years — is the Tisas Stingray 1911 a viable option for EDC?

Odd Calibers for Pistols!

This week Michael rambles through a couple of his favorite, if odd, pistol calibers — the .38-40 and the .44 Russian.

Garden Guns, Race Guns and the 5.7 Rising

This week’s potpourri includes in praise of the Henry Garden Gun, more on .22 race rifles and a reevaluation of the 5.7 as a viable self-defense tool.

When In Doubt, Run!

As we see the self-defense landscape become increasingly bleak, we must continue to refine our own responses and our own training. This week, Michael has some tipes to help you out.

Hiding in Plain Sight

This week Michael reveals some of his own secrets learned from traveling in foreign, often dangerous, countries and applies them to successfully moving in Non-Permissive Environments (NPE). Also, a tribute to the great Ed Head.