The Insider Column: Tactical Solutions

Had a long talk with our friends from TACTICAL SOLUTIONS, and I have to say they surprised me. What they’ll be rolling out at SHOT is, to me, a pretty cool new product. TS has always thought outside the box… for instance, look at their 10/22 SB-X barrels and the complete X-Ring and AR-15 .22 rifles, essentially a short-barreled, 12 1/2 inches rifle with a permanently attached barrel shroud brings the overall length to 16 1/2 inches. Screw your silencer on and you’re good to go without the additional $200 transfer tax for the SBR stamp.

In truth, I was slow to warm up to this modification until I actually got one. My X-Ring SB-X with an old TS suppressor has become my favorite .22 rifle. It’s light, fast and with GEMTECH .22, it’s quiet.

So what’s for SHOT? Visit the TS website, notice the tease…then put 2 and 2 together!

BTW, TS isn’t a sponsor…I just think the guys do one heck of a job!


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