Volquartsen’s Super Pistol!

Been a while since Michael worked with his “race” .22 pistols, but the Volquartsen Mamba-X just wants to run!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #107.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

More information and reference links:

Chasing the Gator/Isaac Toups

Volquartsen Mamba-X

Best deals on Volquartsen parts and guns are always at Midway USA!

Tactical Solutions

Your “Solution” for TacSol parts is Midway USA!

Ruger MK-IV

Looking for a Ruger Mk IV .22? Midway USA, of course!

C-More Systems Sights

The full line of C-More Sights is available at Midway USA!

How to Train for Stress Inoculation/USA Carry

The Music of Ollie Joseph

The Music of Frank Bentley


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