Crimson Trace’s Home Run!

This week an exclusive interview with Jack Oller at Crimson Trace on their 50 new scopes!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #56.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

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  1. Michael,
    Thank you for another podcast on gun stuff! CT is indeed making a stunning array of new optics. I wish I had the cash to try several! My little CT red/green dot sight that I have on a .22 is running like a champ, however. It’s a great little sight that had a very attractive price.

    I can also personally testify that I trust their lasers, as one saved me from an ugly attack by a big, aggressive dog. I was walking in my neighborhood at night, when I heard a loud growl from a yard, across the street. As I saw the large dog, it charged me. You may not believe this, but my little Ruger LCR-357 appeared in my hand, with the green laser on, pointed at the street several feet in front of me. After all those practice draws, it just happened as quickly as I recognized the threat.

    I quickly relaxed my middle finger to turn off the laser and “hid” it behind my leg, while I assumed an aggressive posture and began yelling at the dog. It stopped halfway across the street. I was only able to try this gambit because I had the LCR and was confident that I could hit the dog in the dim light, using the laser, if my bluff didn’t work. Otherwise, I would have been forced to run to a nearby car, in hopes of jumping on top and fending the dog off.

    After several seconds of yelling, a human voice came from the house, calling the dog. I’d never seen the animal before, and have not seen it since, so it seems it had gotten out without the owners knowing it. I’m glad I didn’t (a) Get mauled by a large dog, or (b) Have to kill someone’s pet.

    Crimson Trace makes a good product, and I trust them with my life.

    Thanks also for the part about verbal programming. I absolutely agree with you on this one, and I blame the attempted mass murder of the Republican Congressional baseball team by a Bernie Bro with an SKS on the heated rhetoric about “evil” GOP members that was so common in the media and on social networks.

    Still my favorite podcast!


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