The Best Defense Roundtable – Riots

THE BEST DEFENSE team returns with life-saving advice for a nation in the midst of riots!

While the Roundtables among Michael Bane, Mike Seeklander, Michael Janich, Rob Pincus and Dr. William Aprill have ended, a new THE BEST DEFENSE will premier on MICHAELBANE.TV and YouTube the first week of July. Please join the TBD crew in July as we continue with the most important self-defense show ever produced!

The riot episode ( Protestors Attack Vehicle ) from The Best Defense is currently available for free on MOTV, by clicking here.

All past seasons of the The Best Defense and The Best Defense Survival are also available on

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Mike Seeklander

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Michael Janich

Rob Pincus

William Aprill

Meditations on Mindset in a Plague Year


  1. MB sadly I believe you will be doing a number of roundtables on this issue. It is gonna be a long hot summer.

  2. NJ Larry, I think that you are spot on with your prediction. The destruction had even made it to Grand Rapids, here in Michigan, my state.I have never seen anything like this, in my almost 60 years of life.
    I told my wife of it moves to the West, to the coast of Lake Michigan, I will be on my deck with my shotgun, to try and keep everyone from coming on and damaging my.home. I hope that I don’t have to fire a shot,but I am willing to,given the right circumstances.
    Things have been going crazy for a long time now and it looks be me that the one’s in charge of the left are not content with just peaceful protest, but want to cause as much destruction as possible, with no concern for any casualties that they might cause. This bodes.poorly.for the upcoming election, which the Democrats have so thoughtfully have sent every registered voter in the entire state. With an income tax of around 75%_ I have to say, good luck you freedom loving patriots. Because it is crystal clear that you so have to get to something😬😬😬

  3. I miss watching the Best Defense. Michael Bane, Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander always had very good scenarios and how you might defend yourself from them. I enjoyed listening to this roundtable to get their perspective on current events. Reinforcing much of what they have said in the past. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and keeping us informed.

  4. The Progressives understand that a second term for Trump is the end of the line for them. They will do anything to disrupt the economy, threaten our ability to provide for our family, and to ensure maximum chaos prior to the election. Get prepared and remain focused.

  5. I would love to hear Dr April talk about the difference in the violent criminals and the rest of society. As it relates to the riots. Suburbanites see the death of Mr. Floyd and question the methods. But at the same time none of them would consider resisting arrest. How has dealing with the violent criminal changed police training? How does that then look in the eyes of law abiding citizen?


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