Training With a .22?

Training with a .22 can yield big benefits, as well as easing the high price of ammo. Also, why the Rock Island “Baby Rock” is such a great little gun.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #178.
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Host: Michael Bane
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Ruger GP-100 .22LR

“Bane and Yost: Training with a .22”

Rock Island “Baby Rock” .380

MB Blog on the Rock Island Baby Rock, including groups with different ammo

Kimber Micro

Browning 1911-.380

The Music of Wes Harris

The Music of Yarin Primak


  1. My first center fire hand gun was a Radon P64. A sort of clone of the ppk, in 9mm Makarov. Straight blow back, it kicked like your rented mule. But it taught me recoil control.
    Now nothing seems to bother me. Since I started shooting hand guns, maybe 15-20 years ago, I have fired maybe 5000 rounds total. Not a huge amount but likely more than the average handgun owner.
    In all of that time, I have only had 2 missfires, both with the 9 mm Makarov. I think I read that the primers are harder on those due to them being a submachine gun round. I had bought Russian steel cases ammo, because it was cheap.
    While I have only had 8 or 9 guns go through my hands, and put 1,000 rounds through any single center fire gun, I have only had 1 failure to fire due to a dud primer that would not fire on a second try. The Russian rounds fired on a second strike.
    I have used Winchester WB, Tulammo, and a couple much higher quality brands, like Hornady HRT for my carry ammo and enough to ensure my gun likes it. All ammo I shoot is the same weight, 115gr. I think I read that Jim Cirrillo preferred a fast light bullet. His reasoning is good enough for me.
    I had a 1911 Commander that I sold to able to stock only one caliber of center fire pistol round. But I shot the 1911 so well I am thinking about getting one in 9mm to replace the S&W 3913 I have. It is immculate, and likely worth $500. I have been watching the SDS/Tisas Stingray. I see them now for about $550, and they look worth the price.
    Speaking of price, I saw yesterday someone selling a 1911 9mm 5″ pistol, for the unheard of price of $299. I had to look twice, to make sure that it was real. If I had not already owned a 1911 and knew what I need one, it would have been tempting. But the Stingray has too many desirable features that are included in an unbeatable price.
    I one a Tiger Mark IN 22/46 that is the nicest .22 lr pistol I have ever shot, yet alone owned. I have a cheap red dot sight on it, to get used to one enough for confidence in putting one once my carry gun.
    Great show this week, as always. Thanks for taking the time to sit down and write this and then record it. I know that your time is valuable and by sharing it with us, it takes time away from you and your better half, and other things that you would also like to do. So for all of us , thanks.


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