Tag: Michael Bane

Weekend At Robbie’s

Catching up with a “Weekend With Rob Leatham” and how Michael’s gear performed, plus a giveaway from Mountain Man Medical.

Catching Up on New Products!

This week Michael sifts through new products, then brings you up to date on Project Volquartsen Summit.

The Summer of Our Discontent

This week MBTV ON THE RADIO discusses the rise of violence in American cities and, sadly, the dangers of being Good Samaritan. Plus, reloading tips for new shooters and an update on the Volquartsen Summit.

True Texas BBQ…Guns

This week Michael has fun with Cimarron Firearms’ newest line of Frontier six-shooters, each one in shiny nickel polish, engraved and dedicated to some of our most famous Americans…perfect “attire” for that special BBQ.

The Necessity of a Home Defense Rifle

This week Michael brings everyone up to date on the Project 1895 Winchester .405 and touches on why everyone should always have a long gun available for home defense.

Finding the Holy Grail!

This week we delve into Michael’s newest rifle, his “grail gun,” the 1895 Winchester…and he finally gets to shoot some .405 Winchester cartridges!

Finally, an All-Gun Podcast!

This week Michael talks about the quest for .405 Winchester ammo and his love for leather holsters.

Is the FK BRNO 7.5FK the Future of Hunting Cartridges?

This week Michael talks about shooting the elusive FK BRNO Field Pistol and the latest FK PSD Multicaliber, almost live from GUNSITE.

The Big Steel Box Conundrum

All across the country everyday people are facing a new and terrifying risk  — the chance of getting caught in a violent urban riot. This week we do a deep dive into how you can defend yourself from being trapped in the midst of chaos.

Handling the Big Boomers

This week we dip back into the TRIGGERED archives for our special on the great .454 Casull cartridge and the guns that shoot it.