The Avidity PD-10 Delivers!

The Avidity Arms PD-10, long considered to be “vaporware,” has arrived, and Michael takes it to the range…and loves it. “Superb grip!” he says. And it shoots as good as it looks!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #157.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

Avidity Arms

G-Code Holsters

JM4 Tactical Holsters

The Music of Michele Nobler

The Music of Kashido


  1. Sorry to write this before listening to your podcast, but I had to post now before I forget. I am very interested in the SDS Tisas Stingay 1911 9mm pistol, that you mentioned. It seems like it offers a very lot for the money. The other standard pistol of the Tisas is a similar gun from the same company is the cb9b. The only difference I can see is tha the cb9m has an all steel frame, and no bobbed tail.
    Is that a deal breaker, for the extra 200$ plus that is involved? They both look to be very well made guns, so I am torn. Few local places have them instock yet, but I am waiting until they get them, to handle one to see how it fits in my hands. They do both seem to be a money savings gun for what they promise.
    Any help you can give is most appreciated.

  2. Sorry I stopped so soon, some wonderfully peaceful music tonight. Many thanks for exposing those of us who never heard this beauty especially in Gbmaj, that which I have not heard before, that much. One great composer and a good feeling in his soul, now in mine. Blesses to him.


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