Hard Lessons From Israel

The self-defense landscape is shifting again, and not in a good way. Michael talks about the lessons that we armed Americans need to take from the Hamas attack on Israel.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #191.
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Host: Michael Bane

DAY OF WRATH/William R. Forstchen (book)

“Surviving the Flash Mob”/MB, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

“‘Antizionists’ Show Their Genocidal Colors”/David Bernstein, REASON.COM

“What’s Behind Israel’s Intelligence Failure?”/Stephen Bryen, Weapons and Strategy Blog

“The Lighter Side of Ethnic Cleansing”/Stephen Green, PJ Media

“Hamas Attack on Israel Is a Lesson an the Dangers of Gun Control”/Matt Margolis, PJ Media

“Calling Forth the Militia: Armed Americans Need to Make Ready to Defend Themselves,”/Lee Williams, TTAG, TheGunWriter Blog

“Hatikvah, the National Anthem of Israel”/My Jewish Learning


  1. I have supported the nation of Israel since. the age of about10. That was when I read the book, Medical Block Buchenwald. I was a different person from that time.
    I have heard the phrase, Never Again, concerning the holocaust and not allowing such an event to ever happen again. It seems to have been a very short “never”.
    I am one who would stand and defend America from attacks. Israel is the one other nation that I would be willing to do the same thing for. As a Christian, I understand the significance of Israel to God’s plan, and that He will bless the ones that bless the Jews, and will curse those who curse Israel.
    While this week was not directly about politics, we should learn the political realities that we face, and follow Michael’s advice, and we all need to be preppers, if we are not already. And plan ahead, or make game simulation in your mind, for what ever may come your way. Because there’s no doubt about it that the conflict in the middle east will have a long reach, with their vicious proxies already here and planning their attack.
    I would add have some cash on hand, at home, for at least a month or two’s needs, in case our government or a foreign hacker stops the banking system. Especially if you like me, are dependent on Social Security for your financial needs.
    And if you are a praying person, now is the time to spend extra effort in those prayers. I for one, believe that prayer makes a difference, because I have seen it first hand, on a number of occasions.
    Thanks Michael, for your thoughtful and compassionate post, that was also filled with appropriate warnings. I guess it may well have been one of your most difficult podcasts to do. My prayers are with you and your sweetheart, as well as those animals that you love and care for, plus the many close friends that you have made over the years. May God cover all of you with His hands of protection.


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