Responding to “Recreational” Violence

This week, some thoughts on how to protect yourself and your family from mob-style “recreational” violence. Also, why the home defense shotgun is back on top, and, hey, the Rossi RM 66 .38/.357 is a great buy!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #177.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

Civilian Defender Blog/Dr. Sherman House

TacticalProfessor/Claude Werner

Active Response Training/Greg Ellifritz

Ruger LCPII .22 LR

If You Can Only Have One Gun, Pick This One/Jordan Sillars, MEATEATER

Rossi RM 66

Military Arms Corporation shotguns

Why a Shotgun is a Great Option for Home Defense/Chris Mudgett, OUTDOOR LIFE

The Music of Ben Bostick

The Music of the HillTopTrio


  1. My you have such complimentary fans here. It begs the question, if they don’t like you, why do they bother spending the time listening to you? I guarantee that eventually you will mispeak, we all do so. It seems that his or her vocabulary is a bit unimaginative, but no doubt they are a public school product.
    My actual question is about the Rossi RM 66. It seems like it would be a better carry gun if it were with a barrel length at around 4″ or so. I am considering moving to a revolver as my main carry gun, mostly due to the fact that I have to admit that I am not ankle to practice with my semi auto enough, a Ruger SR9c. I love the gun, but physical and other restraints make regular and dedicated practice not in the cards, at least for now. I know that it is a horrible thing, but it is just what it is. I am thinking that the manual of arms of the revolver will translate easier, especially as I do have a Tiger Mark 22/45 that I have been able to get our and shoot some.
    My question then is if I do make a change to a revolver, would the 4″ be a better length? I have had good luck concealing most any size gun I tried, on a good OWB holster, a good cover garment, even a shirt, and the right attitude.
    By the way, I am planning on using only .38 special rounds no matter where type of gun I settle on. Recoil is not a problem for me, but fear of over penetration in. Thanks for all the years of service to the shooting community, and especially thanks for this week’s podcast. It made me think more than usual, something always good.


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